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The Healthy Divorce Podcast

Aug 20, 2019

Being attuned to your child is critical to helping them bounce back from divorce. Learn how to give your child the support and tools they need to thrive during divorce and beyond.

Key Points: 
- Warning signs your child is suffering as a result of divorce and how to get support for them
- Pros and cons of staying vs. divorcing from your child's eyes
- Ways parents can help make this family transition easier

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Episode Host, Adina Laver, Founder, Courage to Be Curious, (formerly Divorce Essentials)
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Guest: Marty Matika, M.S.

About Marty: When he was five years old, Marty went through the traumatic experience of the divorce of his parents. This altered his life FOREVER. As a result of the negative effects of this experience, he went through therapy and many transformational seminars to heal himself and redesign his life. He went back to school to become a Counselor and Divorce Specialist. Marty is now happily married, with an amazing daughter, and living his true purpose in life. Marty specializes in helping people deal more powerfully with the traumatic experience and after effects of a divorce, specifically the children going through it. Marty is doing one on one work, group work, and workshops, like his "Teen Potentials" workshop, in the Philadelphia area.